Countdown To Christmas: Present/Gift Shopping Tips

Bonfire Night is all over here in the UK and although for some people (like the US with ThanksGiving) there are more Holiday’s happening before Christmas, here there is none. So I’m going to start a countdown to Christmas.

No, I’m not going to be reminding you all how long is left until Christmas, although if you want that… I do that on twitter. However what I am going to do, is have all kinds of Christmassy posts.

Today, I thought I’d concentrate on the whole present/gift buying situation. I love buying gifts, especially for Christmas and for the most part I find this easy for some people don’t. So here’s a few tips to help you out:

  1. Know The Person – you are buying for – you may already know, you may not. If you can’t ask them directly, ask someone close to them. They may have an idea of something specific they want. If not – google, or more specifically eBay and Amazon are your friend. Type in their area of interest and see what comes up. Add “Gift” to the search if nothing interesting comes up. Check quite a few pages of products because there’s a lot of different stuff out there.
  2. Old/Second Hand Items – are not always bad; granted, you don’t want to be buying second hand goods as gifts all the time (unless your really on a tight budget) but:
    a.) Younger Children will not know the difference anyway. As long as they’re clean, safe and in working order.
    b.) Something that is simply not made anymore, can make a great gift for someone who is nostalgic, a collector or maybe it’s just something they’ve been looking for for a while now.
    c.) This can also be a great option for the older generation. What was that movie or song your grandparents fell in love over? Can you get a model version of that car your grandfather is always telling you stories about?
    In some situations old or second hand items can be little gems and make great presents.
  3. Shop Around Online – you might be going shopping in actual stores but if you know what you’re going to be buying – look at said stores online first, to see where you can get your gifts for cheaper. This also means, you know exactly where you’re going to buy what – no uming and ahring in the Christmas Crowds.
  4. Shop Online (at reliable places) – Prices online can often been cheaper than in stores but not only that but it reduces the amount of time and things you need to buy from actual stores.
  5. Start Shopping Early – how early is entirely up to you. But if they don’t have something in stock, you have time for it come into stock again. If you’re ordering online, you have time for it arrive. You can replan what to get people if for whatever reason you original ideas don’t pan out. I think it does without saying – do not leave your gift shopping until Christmas Eve.
  6. Make A List – You’ll know what you’re buying, for who and what you’ve already brought (tick those off) without rummaging through bags of gifts every week.
  7. Avoid Novelty Gifts – Unless you’re absolutely sure that person will appreciate it, or it’s just a cheap joke gift. No, that guy won’t be using those stress relieving booby balls all year and no, face/arse soap won’t get used either.
  8. If All Else Fails – take that awkward-to-buy-for person shopping with you, and buy them something they want. Then just buy them stocking fillers for surprises.

I hope this helps. I don’t really do recommending gifts as everyone is different, but these are the steps I take to get my presents/gifts sorted out for Christmas.

Happy Shopping!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

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