Countdown To Christmas: Christmas Fun Online


At this time of year most websites out there get into the Christmas spirit by changing their themes, adding sales and all kinds of little things that just make their site Christmassy – but what I really like are those fun things that really are there all year around but every year I dig them out again and go and play them, watch them, etc – they are my online Christmas traditions in a way. Let me share some with you.

  • Make-a-Flake – I’ve loved this one for years now. Remember folding paper into a square or triangle, cutting shapes out so that when it unfolds it’s just like a snowflake? Well here you can do exactly that but online – with no mess! Check out the gallery some people make some amazing designs. If you want to make them from paper check out this video tutorial on how to do that:

  • Elf Yourself – If you haven’t tried this one yet – where have you been?! It’s a sort of “face in the hole” type thing but with dancing elves. Go on, you know you want to try it! Pssst here’s mine!
  • Online Advent Calendars – I love the ones with mini games in! But I still have my real one of course!
  • Build a Snowman Online – So much fun, plus get ideas for when you build your own real life snowman too!
  • Christmas Online Games – You have to look around to find good quality ones but they are so much fun!
  • Personalised Stories – Remember those books you used to buy with a children’s name in the story, well this is just like that – just enter your child’s details (or your own hehehe) and it gives you a personalised story.
  • Write to Santa – well this one has two good links. First here’s one for the kids and here’s a funny version for adults. Enjoy!

So if your online try some of these out this Holiday season!

What’s your favourite online thing at Christmas?


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