50 BOOK CHALLENGE – WEEK 50, 51 & 52 (AKA The End!)

Very True

I haven’t updated for weeks and now it’s the end, it’s 31st of December and at midnight my time runs out on this 50 Book Challenge.

First of all lets get up to speed – I have been ill for nearly 3 weeks now. After being on anti-biotics for 5 days, the conclusion is that I have a virus. In other words there is nothing the doctors can give me, just take painkillers, cough medicine and whatever else I can find that soothes all the symptoms and wait until it goes away.

I’ve struggled through Christmas but to be perfectly honest I’ve struggled to do pretty much anything and I’ve been lying on the sofa watching cartoons and animal shows on TV mostly.

So it’s no surprise if I tell you that I’ve really struggled with the last 3 books in this challenge.

I have not finished Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor which was going to be book #48 for me. I will but I just did not have the concentration left or the energy to be holding a hardback.

However I did pick up This is Your Life Charlie Brown by Charles M. Schulz and read that whilst running myself a hot bath one night. So strike that up for #48!

Then a friend of mine asked if I’d ever read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Erm… no, I’ve tried a few Christmas’ but really could not get into Dickens’ writing style at all. But I tried again, it took me 5 days or so but I read it! Book #49. Done.

Part way through reading A Christmas Carol, I was really rather ill and I was pretty much thinking of throwing in the towel with my deadline being so close. But a friend stepped in giving some encouragement and I decided to sub in a  short book so I picked up Jack and Jill  by Lucy Cavendish.

And finished it.

Which makes 50 Books Read this year!

Meaning I completed my challenge!!

So in celebration – this January I’m going to be having a GIVEAWAY, so look out for that post soon!

Also look out for my 50 Book Challenge summary post.

But bare with me on both of those, I’m still sick.

If your going to do the challenge in 2013, good luck!

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