2013 Wishlist, Resolutions and Plans

Because I’m going to make it my year.

This post may seen a little late but I wanted to make sure of what I really wanted out of this year. I don’t really make resolutions as such, I much rather give my self and challenge or a goal, rather like the 50 Book Challenge I did last year.
I do this because resolutions are made in seconds and just as quickly discarded, but I find if I have a goal in mind it’s much easier to keep to it.

Let’s start off with some more general plans, which have no specific date or time span on them (other than do it this year).

  • Visit an old library. This is one I failed to do last year but I plan on doing it this year, at some point on my travels.
  • Lose Weight/Eat Better/Exercise More. I managed this last year but it was so incredibly hindered by me catching every bug going around. This is my main goal to work on throughout the year this year. I’m still tired from the Virus I’ve just got rid of but I’m getting back into my exercise slowly.
  • VIP a Backstreet Boys show. No tour dates announced yet, but I have decided I’m damn well going VIP to one show this tour. I’m rather hoping they tour the end of this year or beginning of next year, because I have big plans for this year already as you’ll see below.

However my biggest plan for this year…

  • Visiting Friends in Holland. I’ve already started planning, but boy is it going to take a lot – I need to get my passport and I’ve not flown anywhere for 10 years. Huge Thank You to Maaike for having me stay with her, I’m rather looking forward to her home cooking I must say! Summer is the plan, I’m just waiting to book tickets to firm up exact dates. Super excited!

Also on the cards…

  • Trip to Scotland to visit another friend. On this trip Blade gets to come with me! Not made any firm plans yet as I need to sort passport and tickets for the Holland trip but really looking forward to this too – lots of dog friendly places, walks and photography. Can’t wait.

3 of those are going to cost me some serious money (well serious money for me anyway), so lots of saving money this year for me.
What are you most excited about in 2013?

Make it your year too!

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10 thoughts on “2013 Wishlist, Resolutions and Plans

      1. It already has, basically. Most of it arrived last week. What I need to do is get my camera set up & do a practice video to see where is best in the house to film and what lighting to use. I’ve just been distracted by other things (needing to clean my room, this food allergy presentation I’m doing in a few weeks, driving my sister around everywhere for the past few days, etc.).

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