I Got Myself A Kindle – Shocking Right?

It’s no secret that I love my books and I love reading. But most who know me well know that I love real physical books and despite the title of this blog I still very much do. Allow me to explain.

I’ve thought about getting a Kindle for a long time (yes, I’ve looked at other ereaders but Amazon is so much easier for access to eBook downloads, plus I know they have great customer service when it comes to their Kindles), so for about a year or so I had the Kindle app on my PC but to be honest, it just wasn’t the same experience for me as reading a book – my laptop just cannot be relaxed with in the same way. However I can see how the Kindle app would work well for a tablet, maybe a phone but I feel that would just be too small.

But that didn’t really convince me to get an actual Kindle – there two main reasons I decided I wanted one.
The first one being that this year I’m doing a bit of travelling and a Kindle is much easier to carry than a few books (and much lighter too). It also means that I don’t have to worry about books getting dog-eared and damaged whilst I travel with them.
The second is to do with advanced reading copies (ARCS) of books, as well as getting classics for free and access to indie authors.
ARCs I’ve wanted to get involved with for a while, and Kindle or another popular ereader is the easiest way to receive an ARC now. If your not sure what this means it means you get a copy of a book before it’s released – on the understanding you will write a review, it’s not written in stone that you must write a review but if you do you are more likely to get (ARC) books from a publisher in the future.
As for the classics, there are a number I want to read – classics are basically out of copyright, hence them being free in digital format, if you buy a book, you obviously have to pay for the printing. I’m not keen on those girly classics from the likes of the Bronte sisters but I do want to give them a try, along with others I’m not so keen to read – so for free, why not right?
Indie authors find it much easier to publish an eBook – even with the likes of Kindle rather than get it actually printed and getting a publisher and all that jazz, this is a great way to find new, fresh indie authors that may just have a great story to tell but just haven’t made it in the publishing world (yet).

My Kindle in it’s case.

Actually, I asked for some money for Christmas so I can buy a Kindle for myself, but my sister and brother in law actually brought one for me (so nice!). So I just used my Christmas money to buy a case (Purple! see above! – yes I’m currently reading Wind in the Willows).

So have a used it much? Yes! I’ve downloaded a bunch of classics and I’m now reading my 3rd or 4th book on it.

However I still do love my physically books, and will probably continue to buy those as well. Particularly as a lot of the ebook versions are more expensive as they charge it as a new totally new book plus you have to pay VAT on eBooks, but not on normal books – hence it can be more expensive to buy the eBook. So no, I haven’t at all abandoned physical books – I’ve brought several since Christmas, but my Kindle is a great edition to my bookshelf and I love it too. We’ll see if I use it more and more in the future.

Do you have an ereader?
Would you ever buy one?
What’s your favourite Classic book?


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