Race for Life 2013

Race for Life

I’ve been wanting to do something to raise money for charity for a few years now, my original plan just hasn’t been all that realistic – but after having a friend diagnosed with cancer, gone through treatment with her and to actually (thankfully) come out the other side with the two words every cancer sufferer and their family wants to hear “all clear” – we decided that this year we would do the Race for Life together.

I didn’t only want to do this race for my friend and her victory over cancer though.
There are a whole bunch of people who I know that have been affected by cancer.
Both my grandparents on my mum’s side died of cancer before I was born – my grandad only a month before I was born. I never got to know either of them.
My friend lost her mum to cancer, which I can’t even begin to tell you how missed she is by pretty much everyone that knew her.
My neighbour has just fought off breast cancer, she’s in her 80’s and definitely wasn’t expecting that.
I also know that my friend, who I’ve been friends with in high school isn’t the only one to have had cancer from the number of people I still know via facebook from my high school years and it definitely wasn’t in our minds back then that one day we’d have to deal with cancer.

Race for Life is a woman only event – it’s a sponsored 5km (3.1 mile) race to raise money for Cancer Research UK. You don’t have to run it, you can walk, jog, run, dance, crawl, as long as you complete it – that’s the only goal.

In my infinite wisdom (which may bite me in the ass on race day), I’ve decided I’m not taking this race lying down… I’m at least going to jog most of it, maybe even run it… but lets not get ahead of ourselves because I soon realised that although I dance my ass off often; I haven’t actually done any running of this kind since I was in high school. Thus, training has begun.

So far I have discovered:

  • I hate the gym. It’s boring as hell and… well perverts.
  • Home and outdoors is much better.
  • I had to invest in a sports bra.
  • My motivation isn’t as crap as I thought.
  • Telling myself I’ll train/exercise 3-4 times a week doesn’t work.
  • Telling myself to train every other day works much better.
  • Injuries happen, it’s really frustrating!

However I have plenty of time to get that 3.1 miles down. My race is in June and I know I can at least jog/walk 2 miles comfortably.

So if you want to sponsor me – for however little – please do, I’d really appreciate it! To sponsor me – just go here: http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/AWildDog

More importantly, MUCH more importantly – check yourself, know the symptoms of cancer (but don’t scare yourself silly!). You can check symptoms here – http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/cancer-info/spotcancerearly You can scroll down for an easy diagram. Early diagnosis is currently our best chance against cancer – so check yourself, and go to the doctor. It can save your life.

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