First Things Tag

Totally stolen from Maaike, as usual.

First thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Use the bathroom. Check on animals and then usually get a drink.

First thing you do when you go to the gym?

Well, I don’t go to the gym but if I did, I’d stretch.

First thing you do when you get home from work/ school?

Find something to eat, I’m usually really hungry after work or being out for the whole day. I’ll either grab something small or work on tea/dinner.

First car?

Never had one, but I’d like it to be an Astin Martin.

First choice drink?

Juice usually, though I’m on a Dr. Pepper kick at the moment. If I’m at a restaurant or something I usually have a coke.

First accident/ traffic misdemeanor?

Luckily I’ve never really had one of these either, I was almost run over when I was about 6/7 years old though. The car stopped about a centimetre before hitting me.

First thing you wanted to be when you’d grow up?

A Vet. My core career choice hasn’t changed much, but I’m not strong enough to be a Vet, I couldn’t face putting animals to sleep.

First choice dessert?

Something with chocolate, warm chocolate fudge cake maybe. Though I’ve been loving my ice cream sundae’s lately.

First song that comes to mind?

I just love this song. So peaceful.

First major purchase?

Probably my two cameras. Which I think I brought 07/08 time. I’m fuzzy on exactly when, but it was before May 08 I know that much.

First job?

Supermarket. Not fun, not exciting.

First time on an airplane?

I was 16 and went to Portugal on Holiday with my parents. It was just after 9/11 so security was sky high, so I was pretty damn scared!

Not gonna tag anyone but if you wanna do it go ahead.

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