Book Review: Wings by Aprilynne Pike

I’m almost done reading Spells which is the second book of this series but I then realised I hadn’t actually reviewed the first book, so I thought I better get that done!

Wings by Aprilynne Pike
Wings by Aprilynne Pike

I picked up Wings by Aprilynne Pike after a few friends had read it and really liked it. I confess I wasn’t too sure I would. It’s young adult fantasy based around (if you haven’t guessed already) faeries (fae) but what I wasn’t too sure about was the main character Laurel – who is 15 years old, about to attend high school for the first time after being home schooled and just about to discover boys. Is this sounding like a complete teenager novel yet?

However admits all of this Laurel is having a crisis – she’s discovered a large lump on her back that’s very sore and is too scared to tell anyone but when it grows bigger and blooms into a huge flower, she knows she needs help from somewhere. Enter one her new high school friends David, who studies her and helps her find the answers she do desperately wants; not to mention help her hide what’s happening to her.

And Laurel has no idea how complicated her life is about to get from discovering she’s a fairy – and always been a fairy, being chased down by trolls, almost killed and having a million more questions every time she gets one answer.

Wings is a great first book in a series, it introduces the characters, gives history and starts to unfold the story very well. It has a good balance of action packed moments and periods where you just soak up the characters and atmosphere.

The characters are very likeable and Laurel particularly grows on you as you go through her confusion, anguish and emotions with her.

I enjoyed Wings, but definitely feels very much like just the start of a whole bigger story. You want to know more, as you feel like you have only just begun to know the world and the characters. You’ve barely scratched the surface. I definitely liked it enough to pick up the second book – Spells: A new kind of faerie tale.

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