March Haul

To my twitter followers – my apologies, I said I’d do this haul a few days ago but this week has just been a bit hectic, more so than I thought. Haul’s take a while to pull together – gotta take photos of everything (in the right damn light), transfer and check photos and then write the actual blog – which is why I just haven’t had time (and why I don’t do hauls too often!).

That said, I few days ago I went shopping for the first time in what seems like ages… and didn’t buy any books (tho I do have a book haul coming up too).

Hi-Tec Walking Boots

First things first, I desperately needed some more leather walking boots – I have some suede type ones but they’re not 100% waterproof. These are Hi-Tec Eurotrek’s, which is an older model but I had these before and I loved them. They’re so comfy so I can walk long distance in them, super waterproof and well… I trust these. Not good discovering your walking boots rub your feet, etc whilst on a long hike!


Two bracelets I picked up from Rowfers (they have a shop near me), the two purple ones come in a pack together – I just liked that they had buckles on. The other one, well it has bells on and so I couldn’t resist!

Purple Tank

Then I decided to hit up Primark for some summer essentials (even though it’s snowing as I write this :\), this first thing I picked up was this Purple tank top with lace around the edges, I have two of these already in red and green, but I loved this purple colour.


I loved the print on this, it’s a little bit more vibrant than in this photo but I couldn’t get it to show up without it being really untrue to the colours. It’s longer in the back and just very flow-y, perfect for summer (if we ever get spring that is!).

Grey Stripped Jumper

Very light weight jumper – again for spring/summer. It looks a lot less “frumpy” ones it’s on. This one is also longer in the back.

Rose Print Tank

I got this gorgeous rose print tank top from Rowfers – I don’t buy much clothing from there but this jumped out at me. Thankfully this fitted me but if you go to their website, just be aware that their sizes are on the small side.


I must be mad! Yes I brought shorts – in my defense it was sunny at the time! In all seriousness, I struggle to find shorts that I like – I’m short so they can be too long… but I don’t want hot pants either! These are a good length.

Beauty UK - Wild Child Collection

I’ve been thinking about picking this Beauty UK – Wild Child nail polish Collection for a while now and I just decided, what the hell, I’ll get it. You get 6 nailpolishes for £4.99 so even if they aren’t great, it’s not big loss. Top row of swatches is one coat, second row is 2 coats. They have 4 different collections like this, so if these work out well, I might try another one.

Sleek Palette

Finally, I just had to get this. It’s the “Lagoon” palette from Sleeks new aqua collection. There’s 4 nail polish’s (Sleek’s first nail polishs!) been released and a blush as well. I was eyeing this up on their website before it was released and so when I saw it in town, I snapped it up (it was the only one they had left!). And I didn’t swatch these because normally Sleek have swatches on their website, but they don’t seem to have out the ones of Lagoon up yet – but when they do, you can see swatches here.

What was the last thing you brought?


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2 thoughts on “March Haul

  1. If I count today, the last thing I bought was food… vegan goodies to be exact. 🙂

    I think my favorite thing in this haul is the nail polish! If we lived closer, I’d for sure be borrowing that green nail polish… and maybe the red one, too.

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