Holland Here I Come!


You may remember back in January one of my plans for this year was to visit friends in Holland.

Now plans are well and truly in motion – I have my passport and my flights are booked! It’s all starting to sink in now and I’m both nervous and excited.

I have a bunch of friend’s who live in The Netherlands (I’m not sure why, I seem to gravitate towards Dutchies?); some I saw a few years ago, others I haven’t seen for 8 years and others I’ve never actually met. For me getting to spend time with some of these people is the best part of my visit as they’ve been a part of my life and been through a lot with me already.

As you can imagine I’ve been wanting to make this trip for a while and I always thought money was my biggest issue – but  it’s actually not been too bad money wise, it more took me getting the confidence to really really want to make it happen.

I can remember back in 2008, I was only just starting to leave the house when I’d inflicted myself with seeing two BSB shows with 4 girls I’d never met (but already knew well, might I add!). I was absolutely terrified – not of meeting my friends, but of well everything else. I’m not going to lie, I stood waiting for my train (which was majorly delayed, so I had to get another one) in a huge panic, I wanted to cry, I wanted to go home.
So for me getting to this point in my trip to Holland is a huge thing and that really hit me when I booked my flights, I can’t tell you how many times I read my confirmation email… and cried.

The only thing I’m really nervous about is the airport – it’s been a long time since I’ve been through an airport, so I might get lost!

Everything else however, I’m super excited about.

I’m unsure about what I really want to see in Holland. Shopping is definitely on the list, as in the Anne Frank house and possibly Maastricht (but that’s waaaaay south). Other than that, I’m not too sure yet. It’s hard to pick out places you want to see from a website!

Got any suggestions on what I should see in Holland? 

7 thoughts on “Holland Here I Come!

  1. – Amsterdam
    – The Hague (out seat of parliament and it’s where the Queen lives + it’s close to the beach so if it’s nice weather that will only be a short tram ride away)
    – Leiden (because I live there and you’ll be staying there)
    We could go hiking if you’d like and Maastricht is definitely still an option, but it will take 8 hours of traveling back and forth to get there and go home again.

    1. Yeah Maastricht is so far, so although I’d like to go there I’m thinking the journey is too long for a day.

      Well I kinda already figured on Amsterdam and Leiden. I forgot about The Hague however, we shall go there too!

  2. I think you will be ok. I can’t wait for you to go!

    Also… damn it, I forgot Holland has the Anne Frank house! I LOVE Anne Frank and her writings. You must take photos & videos (if you’re allowed to that is) and report back to me with them!

    Also… Amsterdam. That is all I need to say about that, lol… 🙂

    1. Anne Frank’s diary is still on my to read list (I know this is very bad I haven’t read it yet!). If I’m allowed to take photos in there, etc then I will.

      Erm… that depends what you’re implying about Amsterdam! :\

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