5 Awesome People On Twitter

I thought today, I’d share some of the best people to follow on twitter… well the ones that I follow anyway.

I try not to follow too many people on twitter because otherwise it just gets a bit mad and I don’t end up reading half of what’s on my timeline anyway. This every now and again I have a clear out of the people I’m following.

However some people, are constantly there – constantly interesting. Of course I have friends on there and companies, etc but some individuals (outside of friends) stand out to me.

Let’s get a move on with my top 5 people who you should definitely check out.

  1. @KrisWilliams81 – Kris Williams is an investigator on Ghost Hunters, but that’s not all she does – she has a passion for geneology, runs her own blog on ancestory.com and is one strong, independent kick ass woman. You won’t find her mincing her words and she always has an opinion.
  2. @AgentM – Ryan Penagos is Executive Editorial Director, Marvel Digital Media Group & Marvel.com and well he’s just a huge geek – and not just when it comes to comic books and Marvel. Worth a follow for a geek like me!
  3. @ClaudeKelly – Claude Kelly is a songwriter and producer, who definitely has the biggest music vibe going on of all the people I follow. It’s his passion and he’s pretty damn good at it too. Check him out.
  4. @BadAstronomer – Phil Plait is an Astronomer and he’s pretty much that for me, as well as other witty tweets here and there.
  5. @dustinpari – Dustin Pari is a former Ghost Hunters investigator. What I love about following Dustin is that he’s down to earth, inspirational and just all round really nice guy. Thought I’m slightly jealous of the amount he eats without putting any weight on!

Go check these guys out. Who would you recommend following on twitter and why?

Comment and Tell Me Your Thoughts

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