Mouth Ulcers – How I Get Rid Of Them

*Important Note* Always read the label/leaflet before using any medication.

If you suffer from mouth ulcers you will know how painful they can be, how they can suck all the joy out of eating and how much of a pain in the ass they are in general. Let me say: I know exactly how you feel.

I have suffered with mouth ulcers since I was a teenager and I’ve tried almost every treatment going for them over the years – hoping for the most pain free and fastest recovery possible. Some treatments were more successful than others, but I’ll get to what products I use later.

For me, the biggest change came from knowing the cause of my mouth ulcers. You must be aware that there can be many causes and if you have them a lot, you need to speak to your doctor about it.
But for me I noticed that if I ate quite a few hard boiled sweets or lolly pops – I will usually get mouth ulcers, I think this is just too much sugar for my mouth to handle, so if I do have any of those I have one or two at the most – but I largely avoid them now.
Also for me – it’s too much brushing. Yes I do brush my teeth but I find twice a day everyday is too much.
And finally – stress/anxiety. Just like I’m more likely to get spots if I’m stressed and anxious, I find I’m more likely to get mouth ulcers. A mouth ulcer for me can be a warning sign that I need to take some time to relax.

Treatment wise, I’ve tried almost everything. You name it, I’ve tried it – Bonjela, TCP, Rinstead Pastilles, Anbesol, Iglu and even some pharmacy own brand stuff as well. Don’t get me wrong, some of these did work for me but even if they did (some didn’t) they had drawbacks.

  • Bonjela works quite well, but it stings quite badly when you first apply it.
  • TCP, well I hate the smell of the stuff – it makes me feel faint, plus that didn’t work for me.
  • Rinstead Pastilles (and actually some lesser known mouth ulcer pastilles), didn’t work for me and they taste awful.
  • Anbesol actually works and before I found my current treatment, this is what I would use… however it hurts like a bitch. More than Bonjela, but then it worked better/faster so I tolerated it.
  • Iglu is a challenge to even apply. It’s a very thick paste which you have to apply to the (wet) inside of your mouth over your ulcer, so to be honest it didn’t work for me but then it could because I couldn’t get much product to stay on the affected area.

I’d rather have little or no pain, and quick recovery especially when it hurts to eat; wouldn’t you?


Well then I discover Soothagel – it comes in a tiny 5ml tube but it does last. It’s a gel formula that is supposed to be “fruit flavoured” and whilst I can safely say it really does not taste like fruit, it’s not a bad taste or a strong one either. What’s more, it doesn’t sting when you apply it one bit.
It also claims to protect so it will stop it the ulcer from hurting in general, although this obviously doesn’t last all day – I apply some before I eat and I’m all good to enjoy my food, without any strong taste in my mouth ruining my taste buds.
It’s relatively cheap at £2.75, and if I’m travelling I always take my little tube with me in case I get a mouth ulcer that could otherwise ruin a trip.

Now as I said above my mouth can only tolerate so much brushing – so I brush my teeth as normal in the morning, in the evening however I whip out my next secret weapon – Corsodyl.

Corsodyl Mouthwash is normally used to treat and prevent gum disease and can also be used to promote gum healing following dental surgery or treatment. However it also “controls” mouth ulcers and it really helps speed up the process of getting rid of an ulcer for me. You can’t use it straight after brushing anyway as toothpaste reacts with it and makes it less affective, hence I use it at night before bed. Plus it has a very strong taste, even in Mint flavour so you don’t want to be eating/drinking anything for 20 mins or so after – the good news is that if it is a bit strong for you, you can water it down a bit.
It costs about £3-4 for a 300ml bottle which lasts ages (again not for every day use!), definitely worth investing in!

With this combination, I can usually be rid of a mouth ulcer in 2 days. Of course everyone is different but this really does work for me.

*Important Note* Always read the label/leaflet before using any medication.

Do you suffer from mouth ulcers? What works for you?


2 thoughts on “Mouth Ulcers – How I Get Rid Of Them

  1. If I get them it’s because my immune system isn’t working properly. So for me it’s better to eat healthy consistently, because the minute my immune system goes down I either get a coldsore or an ulcer. So lots and fruits & veggies for me 🙂 (and vitamin supplements). Once I have one I use a mouthwash to clean my gum a bit extra but either than that I just leave them be.

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