May Update

So I had an impromptu break from blogging – long story short, I’ve been stressing out about the government being near on completely useless with mental health. But let’s not dwell on that because I personally have dwelled on it enough already.

In the whole month that I’ve been absent from blogging, I’ve actually not a lot to tell you – I’ve kept my spending to a minimum so I can save up for my trip to Holland so no Haul’s to speak of (although I will write about the Kindle books I’ve brought in the last few months) and although I’ve been out a few times, it’s been food with friends so nothing to report there either.
All my plans pretty much start… well now really, so it’s a good time to get back to blogging and update all those things that there are to look forward too.

Tomorrow, I start Zumba – my mum asked if I wanted to go with her as she wants to try it out. I’m not gonna lie, my workout/eat better thing has just totally slumped this month. I’ve been stressed and I just wanted chocolate. However I have been making myself a smoothie nearly every day. I’m hoping Zumba will kick start me back into exercise, I’ve kicked my own ass back into eating better.

Sunday, I’ll be nipping down to Walsall to see my friend’s band play (check out their facebook), I’m hoping it doesn’t rain because it’s out in the open!

June 11th I’ll be running the Race for Life, raising money for Cancer Research UK (sponsor me!) – which sort of brings me back to Zumba, if I don’t start getting exercise in again this will kill me! But I am looking forward to it, there will be other things going on in the grounds so I can’t wait.

Of course I can’t forget my trip to Holland in July – which I’m getting a bit nervous about now, its a big thing for me and I’m just hoping I don’t get anxiety or anything and it ruins it for me. That aside, I’m super excited to see Dutch friends!

Definitely some things to look forward too.

What are you plans for the summer?

2 thoughts on “May Update

    1. I’ve never been so it’s all new to me.

      It’s my anxiety that I worry about. I manage to go to other cities with friends (or meet friends there) here, but this is a whole new level. Thankfully I know Maaike will be at the airport when I land so that’s a huge weight off.

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