Zumba: First Class and First Impressions

For maybe a year now I’ve been wanting to do some sort of fitness class that’s fun and the right balance of challenging so that I definitely get a workout but that isn’t too intimidating.

Did I ever mention I hate gyms? I’m pretty sure I have, but if you didn’t know already – I hate gyms.
Although I’m not exactly hugely fat, I’m not skinny either and I’m rather self-conscious of it, so all those fitness freaks and skinny mini’s hardly breaking a sweat but going 90mph around me – does not appeal to me.
Also gyms are expensive – whichever way you look at it, whether you get yourself a membership or pay for individual classes. Add to that the fact that my motivation is pretty rubbish, I’d end up out of pocket and eventually I just would probably just stop doing.

So when my mum mentioned her friend at “fat club” (aka weight watchers) had invited her to a Zumba class and she asked if I wanted to go with her, I was a bit skeptical. Luckily my mum is much like me with the above sort of fears and she’d already asked “They don’t all look at you like you’ve got 3 heads if your new do they?” (subtlety isn’t always my mum’s strong point!) and all her fears had been calmed that this wouldn’t happen. So I agreed.

Seriously. But who cares?

Our Zumba class isn’t at a gym, it’s at a local working men’s club (they hire out rooms for community things). No gym definitely a plus! And at £3 a week it’s really affordable.
I suck at meeting new people – luckily after a medical form was filled and we’d paid our money, the instructor came and introduced herself.
The class lasts about 30 minutes, but what a workout! I did manage it all, but it was challenging enough to give my body a good workout. The moves are simple and it wasn’t so fast as you couldn’t keep up as a newbie. The only thing I sometimes struggled with was when the moves were off beat – I’m so very used to following the music! But I soon overcome that by following the 8 or 6 count in my head.
In this particular Zumba class they also do some body conditioning – so every week they work on a different part of the body – arms, legs, stomach, etc which is fantastic for me as this is what I need.
Most importantly I felt was the relaxed atmosphere – can’t keep up or do that particular move – no problem, just keep moving. Need a rest? No problem, have a rest. There were “ordinary” people there – not toned, skinny, young things with a face full of make up. And everyone was going at their pace, and well… being themselves really.

This was a week ago now, and I’m returning this week so wish me luck! I’d definitely recommend you give Zumba a try – every Zumba class is a bit different, so find one thats suits you. It’s definitely more fun than running on a treadmill for 30 mins!

Here’s an example of a Zumba workout, this is similar to the pace of my class:

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