10 Facts About My Love of Books

*Totally stole this from LittleBookBlog

  1. I sometimes have two books on the go at the same time – but usually one of them is a “light” read that I can go to if my concentration is bad or I’m tired.
  2. I still buy physical books even though I have a Kindle. A “proper” book is just part of me and always will be.
  3. It’s not very often I will give up reading a book part way through – even if the part I have read is bad, I feel if I don’t finish it, I didn’t give it a fair chance.
  4. I keep nearly all my books – 99.99% of my books. Only books that I really didn’t enjoy and I know I won’t read again do I part ways with.
  5. Books have always been a part of my life. As well as having many books of my own, I was also a member of the library as a child. My mum would take me to the library every week and I’d always take out the maximum number of books I could (which was 6 or 8).
  6. I read mostly in bed snuggled with my dog under my duvet, before I sleep – sometimes I go to bed early so I can get some extra reading in.
  7. I love reading children’s books that I read when I was a child – Roald Dahl and Dick King-Smith for example.
  8. I love old books. Of course I still have to find the subject/story interesting in order to buy it but I just love old antiquarian books.
  9. I use bookmarks but I find it hard to find ones I like.
  10. I read a variety of genres, but I’m not really a fan of Chick-Lit or Romance. However my favourite is Fantasy.

3 thoughts on “10 Facts About My Love of Books

  1. Love all your answers! I absolutely loved the library as a child I used to want to stay there all day! I also love to read books that I read as a child! I recently did a review on George’s marvellous medicine! 🙂

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