Book Review: Spells by Aprilynne Pike

Spells by Aprilynne Pike
Spells by Aprilynne Pike

Spells by Aprilynne Pike is the second book in the Wings series, which follows Laurel a faerie living the human world.

I have to admit, this book is pretty much “filler” in terms of the action, after the excitement of battles with trolls and Laurel finding out that she’s a faerie – it’s hard at first to accept this calmness.

However this book doesn’t lack excitement or interest. We now see Laurel going to study in Avalon during the summer – essentially re-learning how to be a Fall Faerie which is far from easy for her.
We get a fantastic and memorizing look into Avalon and life there – which although it has it’s faults, you can’t help but want to live there yourself. Everything is so magical but er… without actual magic.

It’s during this book we also learn a little more about Laurel’s past – how she came to be in the human world, and what her relationship with Tamani was like before she left on her mission.
The undeniable connection she has with Tamani now comes into it’s own and we have a full blown love triangle on our hands which Laurel finds increasingly stressful.

Not only is the pressure on with her fall faerie studies but she has her human school work to keep up with too. She has a lot of decisions to make about what path she wants to take with her own life – but before she thinks about herself, she has to think about others safety.

Although in terms of action and moving things forward, this book is actually filler – there is a ton of character and relationships development which makes a really interesting read with the plot slowly coming together in the background.

In some ways this is my favourite book in the series – Avalon is so beautifully described and this is truly where you get into Laurel and Tamani’s minds.
I couldn’t wait to go to bed each night to read more!


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