50 Random Facts About Me

  1. I hardly watch TV, for the most part I just watch my favourite shows online the same if a show is recommended to me.
  2. I love clean, fresh smells.
  3. I have a few scars from being rather a tomboy as a child.
  4. Not only do I love animals. I also have “the gift”, I can make friends with 99% of the animals I meet. Some even follow me when I haven’t done or said anything!
  5. I suffer from Vasovagal Syncope. Triggered by pain (although not every time I’m in pain thankfully!).
  6. I once brought 44 books in one go from a shop I worked at.
  7. I’m the youngest of my siblings by 16 years.
  8. Besides the UK, most of my friends live in The Netherlands.
  9. I’m currently obsessed with making my own smoothies.
  10. I love the combination of either chocolate and peanut butter or chocolate and pretzels.
  11. The only game I currently play regularly is Marvel Avengers Alliance.
  12. I used to collect badges – I still have them all.
  13. Although it’s sunshine that makes me feel better – I love having 4 distinct seasons and although there are a few places I may like to live someday that don’t have this; I couldn’t live the rest of my life without 4 individual seasons.
  14. I’m creative and it drives me crazy if I can’t do something creative.
  15. My favourite sound of the summer is the swifts calling as they fly around the estate.
  16. I love trying different flavour ice cream.
  17. I’m short (5’1″)
  18. I went to a concert in another city when I was 13 without my parents or any other adult.
  19. I dropped out of university due to illness.
  20. I used to have my own small business.
  21. Photography is a big love of mine.
  22. I campaign for animal welfare and conservation but I’m completely against PETA (they’re violent and hypocritical).
  23. I love to be around nature. It de-stresses me and I feel at home there.
  24. I’m slightly obsessed with nail polish.
  25. I love watching documentaries. My favourites are nature/animals, science and people who are different in some way.
  26. My favourite show is The Big Bang Theory.
  27. I’m still pissed that Fringe got cancelled.
  28. One day, I want to own an Astin Martin.
  29. Speaking of cars… I want to learn to drive and I really wish I’d done so when I was younger.
  30. Christmas is my favourite holiday and I always make sure I do all my own little traditions of the season.
  31. I don’t like tea or coffee. Yuck.
  32. My parents were going to call me Sally, but changed their mind when I was born.
  33. I like ketchup and mayonnaise… together.
  34. I’m a great aunt. This makes me feel old.
  35. I love the music in old Disney classics.
  36. I’m very nostalgic about toys, cartoons, food and games of my childhood.
  37. My nails and hair grow really fast.
  38. I was a sidekick on a Christian radio show for 4 years.
  39. I love looking for old vintage things on eBay.
  40. I would love to go on a Ghost Hunt.
  41. My dog is my Best Friend.
  42. I currently have writers block in terms of what to blog about.
  43. I once got 98% on a maths exam.
  44. I love to watch funny animal videos.
  45. I cannot stand the feel of velvet, I can’t even watch someone else touch it.
  46. I’m short sighted.
  47. I’m a geek.
  48. This has taken me ages to write – well more think of 50 facts!
  49. I have really weird dreams.
  50. It’s Friday evening and now this is finished, I’m going to live out my rock n roll life and have a hot bath and read a book.

Does anything on my list surprise you? Anything you didn’t know about me before?

3 thoughts on “50 Random Facts About Me

  1. So…

    1. I didn’t entirely know or remember #5 (I think you might have told me in passing, but didn’t mention there was a name for it).
    2. Agree on #22.
    3. Use #25 (which I actually like to do to when it’s about people who are different) to get over #27. (It was wonderful, but all good things must come to an end. Especially TV shows, or else they get stale :/ ).
    4. Didn’t know about #28. You have super-classy taste. I just want a yellow Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, 4 doors, lol.
    5. I can help you with #29 one day. Although we’re on the other side of the road here, so that might be disorienting at first.
    6. Agree with you on #31. I am wanting to start drinking certain teas in the future though, as they have health benefits. But only if I can get some special “Miracle fruit” that will make the teas taste sweet instead of sour/bitter.
    7. About #32… I like “Alison” much better. 😉
    8. About #33… OMG hun, just no! LOL… I can’t….
    9. About #37… I’m jealous of you.
    10. #45 was another surprise, but makes sense based on what I know about you.
    11. About #49… almost everyone does. I’m quite certain of that.

    I should do a blog post like this for my WordPress account…

    1. 1.) I only knew what it was called myself recently.
      4.) It’s the expensive car I want. But normally I would get a range rover (so I can get out in the country).
      5.) It’s more money that’s the issue, it’s damn expensive to learn to drive, pay for tests, then get a car, insurance, etc.
      6.) Man do I need some miracle fruit lol.
      7.) Yeah I don’t like Sally either. It sounds… dumb.
      8.) Sorry! But try it if you haven’t (well you know veganise it first).
      11.) I’m really not sure they’re as weird as mine, when I tell people… I think they worry about my brain!

      Yes you should lol, because I wana read it!

      1. 1) Ah, ok.
        4) So then you want a Range Rover and an Aston Martin then… nice mix. I’m too messy, so I can’t do a fancy car. I’d be afraid I’d mess it up somehow.
        5) Yes it is damn expensive. The only reason I was able to finish taking lessons last year and finally get my license was because I got a BIG tax refund last year and then decided it was about damn time to just DO IT.
        6) The miracle fruit is expensive to, btw. :/ That’s why I have to wait to get it.
        7) Then we agree, lol
        8) I’ve already veganized mayonnaise. Didn’t care for it alone, so I couldn’t imagine eating it with ketchup and having that taste good. I think I need to find a veganized mayonnaise recipe that is closer to Miracle Whip. But I don’t think I’ll be eating that with ketchup either, lol. (Don’t worry, I still accept you as you are, lol. I’ll just have to look away whenever you make that mixture…)
        11) At least compared to my family (and myself), I doubt your dreams are any weirder. Email me one and then I’ll email you mine & a few of my family’s.

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