Race For Life – I Did It!

So a few days ago now, I did the Race for Life – which is a 5k (3.1 run/jog/walk) to raise money for Cancer Research UK. To be honest, I feel a little silly writing about it as I don’t feel there is too much to say about me running and sweating my way around 5k. However a few people have asked me if I’m going to write a blog about it, so here goes.

My Number Plate and Back Plate
My Number Plate and Back Plate

So I posted about my reasons for wanting to do this race back in March when I signed up. So I won’t repeat myself on that.
I had also planned to be training some so that I didn’t walk the whole 5k, I wanted it to be a bit of a challenge. That part didn’t go as well as I wanted too – I had a lack of motivation, but taking up Zumba did help with that.

I didn’t plan on running the race so that meant I started with the walkers (runners are let go first to avoid accidents). There was 4 thousand women taking part so it took 15 minutes to get everyone through the start line to begin with and for short while it was a little crowded.
After it thinned out we were able to power walk past some of the walkers as we warmed up to be able to jog some of it.
Some parts were narrow so even our power walk had to be slowed down a little, so we probably jogged about 40% of it in the end.
5k seems a lot longer when you’re actually running the race – but the back signs, that everybody is wearing saying who they’re running for, or why they are running the race – make you want to keep going. Many of lost people to cancer – even the little girls racing with their signs saying “For my Daddy”.
In the end we finished the race in about 45 minutes.

Race for Life Medal
Race for Life Medal

After crossing the finish line we were given a medal, bottles of water were available but I already had a big bottle with me and they were also giving out brioche with chocolate spread in (if I knew that I would have run faster!). But my legs by this point were a little wobbly and my friend I was running with – being borderline diabetic, really needed to eat. So we left and headed to the closest Mcdonalds (as all food places on site where packed).

Annoyingly I was exhausted, almost fell asleep in the car on the way home – but I was so hyped at having done the race I wouldn’t sleep when I went to bed.

The final total I raised was £120 (tho people can still donate for another 4 weeks I think). I’m not sure if I’ll be doing the race again next year – not for lack of wanting too but with money being tight for many people right now, it was a struggle to get sponsors.

Ultimately though, our biggest chance against cancer is early diagnosis and treatment. So please take 10 minutes and visit this guide on spotting cancer early. And if you’re worried, go to your GP. Please. Mine and other people’s money can’t help you or anyone else if you don’t spot the signs and go to your doctor.

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