Impromptu Hiatus (But I’m Back!)

Huge apologies for the impromptu hiatus for a about 2 months; life has just been a little complicated with hospital appointments, financial issues, stress, etc. Generally I’ve been slipping from taking some huge leaps in my life to hiding under my duvet and blogging just required too much head space and too much energy.

However, I must tell you that I did manage to make my trip to Holland, it was super nerve-wrecking but I had an awesome time – plus whilst I was there I managed to tick off another thing on my wishlist/plans for this year – visit an old Library. I’m not sure if I should really do a whole blog post (or two because it could be quite long!) about the whole trip to be honest – but if anyone is really interested in that, I’ll do one. I’ll perhaps do a haul too?

I have 2 book reviews I want to get into in the next few posts – one is of a book, I’ve had a sneak peek of, and the other is The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer.

Hopefully the break from blogging as done me good, so now I can refocus the blog a little and enjoy writing again. Just bare with me whilst I get back into the flow of blogging.

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