Book Review: The Falconer by Elizabeth May

So I’ve joined Gollancz Geeks and about a month ago I was given my first book to review. I’ll write about being a Gollancz Geek another time, but for now – here’s my first review for them. 

The Falconer by Elizabeth May
The Falconer by Elizabeth May

The Falconer by Elizabeth May holds many firsts for me – it’s the first time I’ve been chosen to read and review for Gollancz Geeks, my first encounter with this author and my first delve into a steam-punk-esque world.

The Victorian era of proper etiquette is in full swing, with a splash of steampunk for good measure and not forgetting fae feeding upon their human victims… as you do.

The heroine Lady Aileana has a conflicted personality since her mother’s death – which she witnessed with her own eyes. Fitting in with Scottish High Society whilst vengeance rages through her veins is a balance she just can’t seem to keep. Though her night murderous rampages do calm her for a short time.

The main characters are all very believable and likeable; despite their sometimes venomous banter.

The faeries are not just your general opposite of nice kind of evil, they have a dark almost Gothic feel to them. They are unrelenting and emotionless. And perhaps more shockingly so… only a few fae are gob-smackingly gorgeous.

Aileana may have unlocked the secrets of being a fairy killers, but the book focuses on her grief over losing her mother. How it has changed her as a person, her perceptions of the world, her priorities but most importantly how she must learn to control her grief if she is going to stop the fae from destroying Edinburgh.

This was a really enjoyable read and although I was skeptical of the steampunk at first it really did add to the story.
The book is well within Young Adult realms and isn’t overly complex but with this book clearly being the first of a larger series the story has great potential.
I found Aileana easy to identify with and I most definitely want a pixie like Derrick living in my closet!
I soon found I didn’t want to put the book down and with the ending being a complete cliffhanger I was left craving a second book (which better not take a age to be released otherwise I might explode!).


Rating: stars_4


Author Website:
Publisher: Gollancz
Publication Date: September 26th 2013
Pages: 312
Genre(s): Steampunk, Fantasy, Adventure, Young Adult
Purchased From: ARC from Gollancz

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