End of Year Update (2013 Review)

Note: Bare with me, I need to cover a few things in this post.
I’ve been dragging my feet a lot with blogging lately, there’s just been a lot of (stressful) things going on in life that I just don’t have the energy to blog or to do anything interesting to blog about. My reading has been really slow – apart from one book, the reviews here are actually up to date.
I’ve also been steering this blog into a more “bookish” direction, but I must admit, I’m missing blogging about other things (or I would do if I was doing anything interesting). So I think I’m going to go back to mostly books but also more “me” in here.

2013 has been a rather rollercoaster year for me. I’ve had some great times but it’s been stressful and challenging.
I don’t talk about this a whole lot here but 2013 has been the year I’ve had to take a step back and look at what I need. This has meant I’ve had to give up work/looking for work after realising that it’s too much for me to handle, I’ve spent years trying to hold down a job and feel okay/comfortable in a work environment and it’s just not happening. So I have to step back and take time to deal with my Depression, Anxiety and PTSD (and whatever else I discover along the way!) and start seeing a psychologist which is mega exhausting.
I’ve also spent a huge amount of time stressing over many communications with the government to secure some benefits whilst I get on my feet – they’re not very understanding about mental illnesses. This is still going on and won’t be resolved until mid-January (please pray and hope that things go in my favour, I don’t know what I’ll do if they don’t, I’ll be stuck!).

Anyway, onto better things. I was a failure at most of my goals for 2013 but I did do two of the things I planned. I visited Maaike in Holland and whilst there visited an old Library. Visiting Holland was most definitely the biggest highlight of my year and a huge achievement – my anxiety didn’t get the better of me (although it tried on the plane over there as I was flying alone). Thinking back to it still makes me smile now.

Right now, I’m holding off making plans for 2014 until this whole situation with benefits is sorted out – so there won’t be a post with goals and plans, etc until after then as things are just too uncertain. I do have a few posts ready in my head to write though so as long as I’m not super stressed out like I have been lately, I’ll still get a few up in the early half of January.

Hope 2013 was good to you!

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