Movie Review: The LEGO Movie

This weekend I went to see a movie which I’ve been waiting to see for a while and last week it was finally released. The long wait for The Lego Movie was over.

The LEGO Movie
The LEGO Movie

The storyline follows Emmet who is your average construction worker in town, a run of the mill minifigure with no distinguishing features at all. He’s an ordinary guy who sticks to his routine, follows the rules… oh, I mean follows the instructions.
Unfortunately for Emmet he accidentally stumbles upon “Piece of Resistance” which is the key to saving the world and thus finds himself identified as a “special” (i.e. a special edition minifigure).
Cue the entrance of the “Master Builders” who can build anything from Lego and fast, these Master Builders are made up from different special edition minifigures including Batman, Gandalf, Green Lantern, Swamp Thing and Dumbledore among others.
All these talented, super hero-type “people” with superpowers are all relying on Emmet to save the world, after all he’s the one the prophecy spoke about… isn’t he? Shame Emmet has no idea what he’s doing.

This such a fantastic movie, the imagination put into it is fascinating from the storyline, characters and major kudos for all the awesome stuff they built with lego and the innovative ways used different lego bricks for different things.
With so much of it being lego, you would think it would tediously like watching a long stop motion movie, but it really not. The Lego moves like Lego does, but the animation has made it seamless.

It’s simple enough to keep the kids entertained with some  classic slapstick humour (mostly from Emmet), but there’s plenty to the storyline to keep adults enthralled too.

Without giving too much away because I don’t like to give spoilers the ending is sweet, explosive and quirky. It will make you want to run home, hug your lego and then play with it, build things, build anything you can think of and pull it apart and build something else.

Yes in some ways it is a very long but clever advert for Lego, but in the best way possible. It inspires the kid in you to come out and play and the adult in you to bring your knowledge to play time resulting in a big old Lego party with the best of both worlds.

If you’re kid, if you love lego, if you’re a geek, if you have kids, if your an adult who is just a big kid at heart – go and see this movie.

The LEGO Movie is out in theatres across the UK now.

FUNFACT: Some of the adverts before the movie started were remade with LEGO!

Watch the video below, no wait… don’t. Seriously, this will get stuck in your head. I’m not kidding… don’t do it!!!….

… I did warn you!

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