My Top 5 Favourite YouTubers

Besides funny cat videos, old music videos and not to mention clicking related videos and ending up no where near the subject I started on; I also subscribe to a fair few youtubers and/or channels.
I’m a little picky about hitting that subscribe button, I may subscribe and give a channel a chance but if it’s not giving me videos I’m interested in 90% of the time or if the person(s) just don’t seem to “click” with me, I’ll unsubscribe.

But of the YouTubers I subscribe to there are those that really stand out, those that I watch video after video after video and maybe even can’t wait to see what the come up with next. These are the ones that definitely deserve a little love here, so here’s my Top 5 favourite YouTubers/Channels.


[1] Pinkstylist (Charlie Short)

I love Charlie. He definitely has my number 1 spot. He does special effects make up and he does it amazingly well. I can’t remember how I came to watch my first Pinkstylist video but I do know I spent hours watching more of his videos immediately after that.
Not only is he great at what he does, he’s the sweetest guy ever. I’ve been in a few of his online hangouts and he’s just so damn nice. He makes sugared syrup look bitter.
I have a hard time picking one video as an example to put here so definitely check out his channel and his other videos – I’m sure you’ll find a character you know!


[2] Nerdy Nummies (Rosanna Pansino)

Ro does baking but with a nerdy/geeky theme! Batman Cupcakes? Check. Totoro Macaroon Cookies? Check. Lego Cake? Check. Wookie Cookies? Check. In fact you name it. Either she’s done it, or request it and she’ll do her best to come up with something!
I love cakes and cookies and all that yummy stuff and being a big geek well… is’t in obvious why I like Nerdy Nummies so much? What’s more is that her recipes are simple and so easy to follow. I really need to get around to trying some of them out!


[3] Nye Armstrong

Nye is a regular American young woman who converted to Islam, which is how I ended up watching her videos to start with. She talks about Islam, Beauty, Life. I guess you would say she comes into the “Vlogger” category, but she’s just so cute, funny, silly and infectiously down to earth.
Her videos are a mishmash of topics, which to be quite honest normally can really annoy me but I honestly enjoy all the diversity on her channel and you really just can’t help but love her. Check her out, I defy you not to love her silliness.


[4] MissChievous (Julia Graf)

Julia is a beauty/make-up guru with lots of tutorials, reviews and hauls. She also has a second channel full of healthy foods, fitness, vlogs, etc.
I follow a few make-up channels but Julia deserves to be in my top 5 because she’s very down to earth (I like that in people) and she’s always honest in her reviews of products. Her fitness videos are great motivation as she’s true to herself and shows how difficult she finds things, how sweaty she gets and all.
Her make-up tutorials are gorgeous, easy to follow and include a great range of low end and high end products.


[5] Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey is a violinist. I never ever thought I’d be interested in listening to a solo violinists music or watching their music videos… until a friend linked me to her Zelda Medley, then I watched more of her video and was amazed each and every time.
She is truly talented. As well is geeky covers she has her own original songs, collaborations and a few well known covers too. I’m hoping to catch her on tour sometime in the UK.
Check out her music, you won’t be disappointed.


Do any of my top 5 get subs from you? Who is your favourite YouTuber/Channel?

2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favourite YouTubers

  1. I sub to Julia as well. Love her tutorials! I’ve seen some of the others, but I just never ended up subscribing to them. I only subscribe to beauty/ fashion channels anywayz because else I’d go crazy with the amount on offer.

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