I’m a bibliophile, a book worm, a book addict; in other words I really love books. But that’s not all I am. I love animals and nature, I’m a budding photographer and there’s little denying that I’m a total geek.

I think I have a few too many hobbies to count I do dabble in arts and crafts (even had my own costume jewelry company at one time), I hike, campaign for animal rights (though I’m not one of those extremists and I’m not vegetarian or vegan!) and I read (obviously if you’ve read my blog already). I’m learning to shoot – targets, not animals and starting on quite a collection of Lego sets. I also really love make-up and beauty products. So as you can see, quite varied interests.

I’ve been blogging on and off for 10+ years but only in recent years has it had some real focus and direction for me.

Here I blog mostly about books – reviews, hauls and all that jazz. With some beauty thrown in there for good measure and the occasional recipes (because everyone loves yummy things right?). If I wander off topic for a post or two occasionally – forgive me, I either think it’s important or… I’m just waffling!

Read. Enjoy. Don’t be afraid to leave comments.

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