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Book Review: Welsh Fairy Tales by William Elliot Griffis

Welsh Fairy Tales by William Elliot Griffis
Welsh Fairy Tales by William Elliot Griffis

I love reading fairy tales and reading fairy tales from different countries is really interesting as it tells you a lot about their culture and past. So I picked up Welsh Fairy Tales by William Elliot Griffis for my Kindle a few months back.

As you can expect it’s fairly short with a collection of different fairy tales within it’s covers all hailing from Wales.
Anyone familiar with fae lore especially when it comes to the English and Welsh (Scotland had a slightly different take on things) will find some familiar places, myths and even characters.

I’m not going to lie, this book starts off pretty week describing the  origins of the “Welsh Rarebit” (aka Cheese on Toast) which whilst interesting to some degree it is not… so interesting it makes you want to read the rest of the book.
However it does go on into the stories of Fae in Wales – a lot of which are tied into not-quite-proven historical events – e.g. King Arthur.

The stories are enjoyable and really interesting if your into mythical history and lore. Unfortunately the Griffis, who is retelling these fairy tales in his own words (many fairy tales are “retold” because they would have been just verbally told way back when) feels the need to get a bit patriotic about Wales. Whilst I do love Wales, he mentions far too many times how Wales did this first, or they made the best this or that and it’s just so obvious and feels unnatural in the context of a fairy tales. Not to mention Griffis wasn’t even Welsh, he was American so it’s not even like he’s singing the praises of his own country because of how dear it is to him.
There are also some inaccuracies for example London Bridge being called Tower Bridge.

That aside though this a great little collection that does capture the spirit of Wales and of a time when men and Fae lived side by side peacefully (for the most part). It’s doesn’t cover all of Welsh Fae stories and lore I’m sure but it’s a great place to start and a quick read.

Rating: 4_stars


Author Website: N/A
Publisher: Kindle
Publication Date: 17th May 2012 (first published 1921)
Pages: 146
Genre(s): Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Short Stories
Purchased From: Amazon/Kindle UK

50 Book Challenge – Week 32

This one is just a day late because I was absolutely knackered yesterday – I think I maybe coming down with something but oh well on with the show…

Week 32! Should have finished reading my 31st book but I’m 2/3’s of the way through my 29th. So 3 books, plus finish this one I’m currently reading (Do Bats Have Bollocks?: and 101 more utterly stupid questions by Jon Butler) this week but I’ll be able to do that I think without much a problem. Nothing much is planned this week so have plenty of time to read.

Reading is for Awesome Peope My 50 Book Challenge page is now completely up-to-date if you want to check that out, see all the books I’ve read – see all the updates each week and find everything easily.

And now there’s a couple of other bookish things I want to tell you about – which do tie in with the 50 Book Challenge, I’ll tell you how as I mention them.

First of all, this weekend I was given a book from my mum called My Dad’s a Policeman by Cathy Glass, it’s pretty much a drama book about childhood neglect (not a true story though) so I’m not sure if I’ll like it or not but it will be my next read.
But what I really want to talk about is what I discovered in the back of this book – it’s part of a initiative to get people reading again – called Quick Reads. No prizes for guessing they’re purely short books, which is an excellent source if you’re struggling on your challenge. There’s a list of where you can find these books on their website – which is pretty much everywhere. There are a lot of big authors, publishers, etc on board with this project so take look.

Secondly – The Book Thieves is a Young Adult book/reader based website run by two of my lovely Dutch friends Gaby and Lotte – the website/blog is still under construction but will be coming soon. However the forum is very much alive and kicking, so please join. You don’t have to only be into YA – you don’t have to like YA at all to join, there’s a general book chat and other books sections where you can discuss other books – so all readers are welcome. It’s a great friendly, readers community. Great for encouragement on your challenge too! Definitely check it out.

Last but not least – add me on GoodReads! You can see how far I am into my current book, books I’ve read, ratings I’ve given books, etc – plus… I just became a Good Reads librarian, how cool is that?!

Happy Reading! See you all next week!